Automated billing software lets you search and generate payments, creative new invoices, provide details billing reports, and track payouts Invoice is web-based invoicing software that helps you craft beautiful invoices, automatically send IO payment to your affiliates .

Create and send professional invoices in minutes and impress your affiliates.​

In the process of affiliate billing, Invoices are generated so the affiliates can see how much they earned in summary for the previous billing period. The next step is to follow through and pay the affiliate based on that invoice.

AffiliateTS does not handle the transactions between the merchent and the affiliate for payouts, this is done either manually or by an external payment provider. Once the payment has been completed, you can then go back to your HasOffers account and record the payment; simultaneously marking the invoice as paid.

Billing Payments in your affiliateTS network serves as a record of all your payments to affiliates, and doubles as a payment reconciliation so that you can keep track of what invoices have been paid and keep any outstanding balance for an affiliate current.​

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