Allows affiliates to use dynamic tracking parameters such as ‘Click IDs’ to track each placement separately.

Dynamic parameters are placeholder texts whose values will be dynamically set. They start and end with curly brackets. They may appear in all parts of the ad creatives, including title, description, display URL and the landing page URL (which is the URL that the advertiser wants the customer to go to).
Advertisers can customize mobile search ads by using dynamic parameters. You can create an ad as you normally would, and then indicate which parts of the ad will change, based on factors such as keyword search queries by potential customers.
A customized ad is more likely to appeal to potential customers because it is more relevant to their specific search queries.

In general, there are two use cases to consider:
Use parameters as the dynamic text in ad creatives or Links . Ads that take advantage of dynamic text tend to have greater customer appeal when people search and land on pages that are tailored to their specific product needs.
Use parameters as tracking macros in the landing page URLs. When you insert a tracking macro in your landing page, a real value for the search query is created. When the customer clicks on the ad, the ad will carry the real value as a landing page URL to the advertiser’s website. The advertiser can then track the performance of the ad, using analytics or other software performance tools.

Dynamic text
Use dynamic texts in ad Link, like title, description, and display URLs.
For example, if your customer searches for a particular term or product, like an Apple iPod, using dynamic text you can insert your bidded term into your ad creatives and ensure your ad is more specific – and relevant – to that customer.
You accomplish this by inserting and setting the keyword variable, as shown in the table below, that matches your customer’s search query.

You Can also use the Dynamic Parameters to optimize media results with Networks to know who is the best publishers that drive ROI to your Merchants or to remove them .

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