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Amplify your revenue from all channels. 

  • Partnerships – Manage every relationship
  • Tracking – Align marketing and partnerships
  • Attribution – See influence through retention
  • Analytics – Automate insights into actions
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Optimize Tracking Across All Channels

Ensure comprehensive tracking and attribution for each partner and marketing channel. Implement a streamlined approach akin to Google Analytics’ UTM tracking to monitor user activity from the moment they land on your website.

Advantages of Direct Linking:

  1. Unified Reporting: Centralize performance data from all marketing channels, streamlining reporting processes.

  2. Maximize SEO Value: Gain the full SEO benefits from your partner’s links, enhancing your website’s visibility.

  3. Dependable Tracking: Rely on a robust tracking system that isn’t reliant on outdated third-party cookies.

  4. Enhanced User Experience: Deliver a seamless user experience as partners link directly to your website. - Leading Fintech Affiliate software - Ad Serving and Marketing Tools

Harness the Power of Performance Tracking

Improve your business’s success by effectively tracking conversions and engagement across all traffic channels. Analyze data to identify key drivers of demand and prioritize high revenue generating traffic sources.

  1. Gain Deeper Insights into Customers Leverage advanced analytics to gain a comprehensive understanding of your visitors and identify those who convert into valuable customers.

  2. Accurate User Activity Attribution Ensure accurate assessment of your traffic’s true value by considering engagement, pipeline contributions, renewals, and expansion potential.

  3. Optimize Partner Efforts with CRM Alignment Align your marketing strategies and partner efforts to focus on traffic that contributes to CRM pipeline progression, enhancing overall efficiency and results.

  4. Evaluate Organic Channels Effectively Measure the performance and engagement of different channels against your organic traffic metrics, enabling a clear comparison of their effectiveness.

We understand your needs
marketing platform built by marketers

Forex Affiliate Software

affiliate software designed for brokers
to accelerate your business

fully customizable software

Our affiliate software can be fully customized to match your branding and custom requirements.

partnership billing System

Automated billing platform lets you search and generate payments, create new invoices, provide details billing reports for your partners.

dynamic tracking parameters

Allows affiliates to use dynamic tracking parameters such as ‘Click IDs’ to track each placement.

Ad Server-Marketing Tools

Mass upload static banners, flash banners, custom emails, landing pages and premium content For an unlimited number of companies

Reliable tracking

Connect directly to the software provider through API for more enhanced data and Flexibility on a more secure connection.

cost effective

Affiliatets is the most cost-effective affiliate marketing solution that helps you earn a better ROI on your affiliate marketing spend!

Keep in touch

More ways to communicate with your affiliates including messaging ticket system, Auto email, CRM and API Chat feature.

Flexible commission plans

Affiliatets support flexible commission plans such as CPA, Rev Share, Tire deals, Sub affiliates, CPL , Hybrid models and Many more.

create marketing platform
design for your Fx brokers


AffiliateTS even covers basic payment functions in order to make it easier for you, paying your partners on time. Happy Affiliates creating more Business! Supporting : CPA , CPL, hybrid ,revenue share and More

API Integration

Our powerful and easy to understand API offers nearly unlimited ways to improve your current system. There is quite nothing AffiliateTS is not able to do in order to enhance your current business

marketing report system

start to measure, analyze, and optimize performance marketing results in real time . performance marketing that works for you unleash your marketing goals with affiliates.

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