Tracking platform verticals


affiliate program for merchants and vendors Mass upload static banners, flash banners, custom emails, landing pages and premium content For an unlimited number of companies

Market Place

Affiliate program for Market Place Allows affiliates to use dynamic tracking parameters such as ‘Click IDs’ to track each placement.


affiliate program for Fintech operation Our affiliate software can be fully customized to match your branding and custom requirements.


Affiliate program for Gaming industry More ways to communicate with your affiliates including messaging ticket system, Auto email, CRM and API Chat feature.

affiliate networks

Affiliate program for Networks Automated billing platform lets you search and generate payments, create new invoices, provide details billing reports for your partners.

marketing platform
design for you

AffiliateTS is the premiere marketing management Platform, Offering a simple yet powerful turnkey solution.
Learn about the tools and features of the system that puts you in full control of your marketing operation 

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