About Us

AffiliateTS is the premiere affiliate management software

AffiliateTS is the premiere affiliate management software, Offering a simple yet powerful turnkey solution
Learn about the tools and features of the system that puts you in full control of your marketing operation and discover why
So many others have turned to Affiliate Buddies to power their affiliate program.
Optimise Your Affiliate Marketing Business Like Never Before!

Take full control as you easily and securely manage the features and functions of your program.

Automate billing so you have more time to focus on maximizing your marketing efforts.

Brand the software with your own logo and color scheme for a personalized look and feel.

Who Can Benefit From Affiliate?

Managing your affiliates and tracking performance Any merchant or business that has existing affiliate program or wants to start a Successful affiliate program can benefit from Affiliate TS .Managing your affiliate and tracking performance has never been easier.

AffiliateTS combines the ease and efficiency of automated management with the customization and scalability to help you Get the most from your affiliate program.