affiliate marketing platform

Our affiliate software can be fully customized to match your branding and custom requirements.

Attracting customers through an affiliate program is a no-brainer but managing the same can be a painful task, especially if you are managing a number that is larger than what you can count on your fingertips. Successful affiliate programs are backed by multi-purpose solutions like iGaming White-label Affiliate Software which automates routine chores and provides critical information in a jiffy.

What are the features it offers?

Reporting & Analysis

Affiliate marketing entails activities outside of your owned media. Since rewards need to be commensurate with efforts, you need reliable software to trace back the source of new gamers.
AffiliateTS Whitelabel Affiliate Software enables reporting at the following levels:

If you have multiple products, you can know your white horses. Media allocations can be revised to place larger bets on winning products.
In case of global organizations, it is possible to link back every product and every affiliate to a dedicated account or country manager.
The selection of media channels and vehicles within can also become more data-driven.
In the case of a large number of affiliates, one can design variable fee structures depending on their performance as it possible to know data at sub-affiliate level as well.

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