The Ultimate Business Guide to Influencer Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate influencer marketing gives your business a wealth of opportunities for audience engagement, brand awareness, and sales generation. And luckily for businesses, advanced technology and innovation offers us countless tools to make data-driven decisions about affiliate marketing strategies.

Have you made a TikTok yet? Set up a business chatbot? Looked into using Artificial Intelligence? The growth rule for businesses persists: adapt or get left behind.

Digital marketing is constantly evolving with the introduction of new technologies, changing audience behaviors, and the social media revolution. Business owners know more than anyone that unless we adapt our strategies to the times, we’ll fall behind as competitors capture our audiences’ attention.



One form of adaptation is influencer affiliate marketing. Have you ever noticed your favorite fitness guru talking her audience’s ears off about her new workout pants? Or a chef gushing about his top choice for panini presses and blenders? Both scenarios are examples of influencer affiliate marketing. For every niche, there are a plethora of influencers — and with every influencer, a marketing opportunity for a business.

Let’s cover everything you need to know about influencer affiliate marketing, including how to use data to your advantage, how to pick the right influencer affiliate for your business, and how to recruit your top choices.

What is influencer affiliate marketing?

Before we get into that, let’s start with the basics. What is affiliate marketing in general? Well, affiliate marketing has its roots in simple “referral marketing”, which is essentially when someone brings customers to a new business, and they’re rewarded — either with payment, discounts, or some other incentive.

Influencer affiliate marketing entails a business forming a partnership with an influencer to promote its products or services. It’s a type of affiliate marketing program. Influencers are essentially content creators with a target audience.

In return, influencers receive a commission based on how many purchases they propel for that business with their marketing. That commission appears in two different models:

Pay-per-click, which offers the influencer a small commission for every customer that visits a business’s website.
Cost per acquisition, which offers the influencer a percentage commission of each purchase that stems from their marketing.
Trackable affiliate links show both parties just how many people make purchases or visit a business’s website through the influencer’s direction and promotion. Then, based on the conversion rate and agreed upon commission rate, both parties know what the payment should be.

Experts predict that the market spend for affiliate marketing in the U.S. will grow to over $8 billion in 2022. Businesses have caught on to the wave of influencer affiliate marketing campaigns, with 81% of brands working with influencer affiliates to promote their products and services.

Why include influencers in an affiliate program?

Gain access to a new generation of customers
An entire generation relies on influencers for entertainment and information — Gen Z. This young audience is picky with their purchases, but trusts the judgment and taste of the influencers they follow.

Save time in seeking new customers
Influencers have prime access to a business’s desired audience. Through influencer affiliate marketing, an influencer with 500,000 followers gives a business access to the mobile devices of 500,000 potential customers that are already interested in that business’s field.

Engage with an audience that already trusts the influencer

Influencers make it their day-to-day job to capture their audience’s attention with carefully curated content. They often have strong relationships with their followers and can offer 360-degree promotion of a brand’s products and services.

What other advertising model lets you promote your brand with personal testimonials, live demonstrations, and calls to action to an audience that chooses to watch on their own mobile devices?

An influencer, or popular affiliate, won’t just add a marketing tagline or sponsor note to your product. As trusted industry experts or enthusiasts, influencers can use credible rhetoric to convince your audience of your product or service’s effectiveness. Plus, the marketing feels more authentic and engaging to an audience that already trusts the influencer.

Who can resist? Businesses leverage the already-established audience of an influencer affiliate to find more customers. Influencer affiliates gain passive income that increases with strong performance. With little to no investment and potential profits for both businesses and influencers, influencer affiliate marketing is a win-win situation.

Can businesses pick just any influencer for this kind of marketing? Certainly not. Luckily, there are things to look out for and technological tools to guide your selection for an influencer affiliate.

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